Coat of Arms and Flag

The Coat of Arms is the symbol of the German-speaking Community’s (DG) sovereignty. Its form and colour are set in legislation. The relevant decree was signed on 1 OCTOBER 1990. It also governs the introduction of the Feast Day and the flag of the DG.

Extracts include:

Article 1:  The German-speaking community celebrates its feast day every year on 15 November.

Article 2: The German-speaking community has the following flag:
In silver a red lion accompanied by nine blue cinquefoils, topped with a King’s crown.

The flag of the German-speaking community shows a red lion on a white background accompanied by nine blue cinquefoils.

The colours of the German-speaking community are white and red, positioned horizontally

Article 3 : The flag of the German-speaking community is hoisted on public buildings on 15 November in the German-speaking region of Belgium and, outside of this region, on public buildings which can be attributed to the German-speaking community as a result of their work or which are being used temporarily to its benefit.

In the German-speaking region of Belgium, it is also hoisted on office buildings under the same conditions and on the same days as the Belgian national flag.